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The building and construction lawyers at JML ROSE have years of experience advising on commercial and industrial projects throughout Queensland. Through this, we have a deep understanding of the governing laws and regulations.

We can assist construction companies, government bodies, architects, builders and owners in many different legal areas, including the following:

Development applications

A development application, commonly referred to as DA, is an application for a development approval. This application is made under the Planning Act 2016.

In Schedule 2 of the Planning Act 2016, development is defined as:

  • carrying out building work;
  • carrying out plumbing or drainage work;
  • carrying out operational work;
  • reconfiguring a lot (i.e. a subdivision); and
  • making a material change of use of premises.

Our building and construction lawyers are able to assist you in each stage of a development application. Contact our lawyers to find out whether development approval is required for your common residential project, business project or subdividing, and to find out what the next step it.

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Tender preparation

Many Australian companies knowingly face the dilemma of legal risk in tender contacts on a regular basis. Most of these companies do not have an in-house legal counsel and are reluctant to engage an external law firms for various reasons, one such reason is costs.

Surprisingly, a lot of tender submissions are lodged without having been reviewed and revised by a qualified solicitor, let alone one with experience in contract law.

Frequently, tender documents will include nasty surprises. To the inexperienced, or even worse, unqualified, this can make for some serious, costly trouble.

In forming long-term working relationships, our building and construction lawyers will get to understand your business and industry better, and provide a personalised legal service. JML ROSE delivers quality advice at a fair price. 

Our legal team can help you manage legal risk in the tender process by:

  • Reviewing and advising on the draft contract and on tender documents;
  • Drafting contract clarifications and departures;
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of a contract; and
  • Contract review and drafting.

Joint Venture Agreements

JML ROSE’s experienced commercial litigation lawyers are able to assist with drafting or reviewing a Joint Venture Agreement. We have assisted many Australian businesses with their commercial law needs, including drafting JV agreements. We work closely with businesses and individuals to ensure Joint Venture Agreements are clear and set out the expectations of both parties. Joint Venture Agreements can be complex. JML ROSE’s solicitors can assist with:
  • Drafting and reviewing JV agreements;
  • Assigning of intellectual property;
  • Drafting performance indicators; and
  • Drafting parties’ contributions.

If you require assistance with a Joint Venture Agreement, get in contact with our solicitors.

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