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At JML ROSE, our Brisbane based litigation lawyers and dispute resolution solicitors are experienced in resolving disputes and achieving successful, cost-effective outcomes for clients. Our lawyers apply their expertise to attempt to resolve disputes outside of court; however, if our clients wish to proceed to trial, our litigation lawyers will use their considerable skills and experience to try to reach the desired outcome.

Our Brisbane based law firm has lawyers that have the ability to represent a variety of different types of clients, inner-state and nationally in a range of litigation and dispute matters.

What is litigation?

Through the use of courts and lawyers, litigation is a form of resolving a legal dispute. The two main methods of resolving the parties’ disputes are through adversarial means, and through non-adversarial means. Examples of non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution include mediation and negotiation. Understanding all of the different legal aspects involved with litigation is very difficult, and that is where our lawyers come in, with their wealth of experience and ability of litigate your matter.

Why choose our litigation solicitors?

We have the advantage over the top-tier law firms because we provide an unparalleled level of service. Our litigation lawyers focus on specific areas of law with more in-depth experience than general practise law firms. We specialise in complex disputes and can offer dedication to your case, but we can also deal with straightforward cases. With a smaller list of clients, we can focus on providing a tailored, individualised service.

We offer our services in every legal forum, whether it be state or federal courts or a tribunal of any sort.

Another advantage that JML ROSE provides is our cost structure. We focus on efficiency, without the costly overheads of a top-tier law firm.

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JML ROSE's Litigation Expertise

Our lawyers are capable of handling all types of disputes that may arise, including but not limited to:

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a process in which a commercial claim is taken through the court. Usually commercial litigation involves two or more parties that are unable to reach a resolution in a dispute.

Our aim is to prevent litigation through negotiation and dispute resolution, before it reaches that the court, saving time and money. With that being said, should the client wish to proceed in that direction, we are able to brief counsel. We have access to a range of highly capable and commercially experienced barristers, both senior and junior.

Areas of business that commonly result in a commercial claim include debt recovery, employment disputes, contract disputes, corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions. Our expert commercial litigation lawyers can assist you in all of these areas and more.

Debt Recovery

We assist clients with personal and business debts right across Queensland. We are not a debt collection agency; we are debt recovery lawyers. If a letter of demand is unsuccessful, then we can commence litigation to recover funds.

Insolvency rates are rising, and it is becoming commonplace for customers to turn into debtors. In order to minimise risk, it is important that there are well-drafted contractual agreements and terms of trade in place to protect all of your business’ interests.

Our litigation and dispute resolution team are able to provide expert, cost-effective advice and act where necessary to recover money from debtors.

Shareholder Agreements and Disputes

Shareholder agreements are not documents that should be dealt with through a cookie-cutter approach. Before drafting a shareholders agreement, it is important to discuss the issues that could arise between shareholders, with the view to agreeing how to approach these through the terms and conditions of the agreement. We will mould this draft into a final form shareholder agreement and arrange for all parties to execute the agreement. 

Some of the issues that could arise between shareholders that our litigation lawyers will highlight, and address, are an unexpected exit of a shareholder, shareholder contributions and funding, director appointments, decision-making and management, transfer of shares and dividends and financing.

Many businesses turn into a valuable venture, but this is not always the case. For some, the venture is not so rewarding. Disputes between shareholders do arise and it is important to approach such a situation from a position of experience and expertise in order to get the best possible outcome. Our Brisbane litigation and dispute resolution lawyers will be able to do just that. The easiest outcome is a negotiated solution, but this is not always the ‘best’ outcome or practical. For that reason, there are other litigious approaches that our lawyers can recommend and undertake. Our litigation lawyers are able to commence proceedings under provisions of the Corporations Act, commence proceedings in relation to a breach of director’s duties and bring an application to wind up the company.

Construction Disputes and Litigation

We will work with you to ensure that your projects are in accordance with government and environmental regulations, run smoothly and are completed to the standard that you would expect.

Our experienced litigators deliver informed advice to developers, builders, homeowners, architects, engineers and service providers. We will advise and act for our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of a building and/or construction project.

A construction dispute that does not reach an early resolution will generally be stressful and costly for all parties. For this reason, it is imperative that you engage lawyers that are experienced with construction disputes and litigation and have the ability to explore other avenues that might result in an early resolution, such as arbitration, conciliation and mediation.

Court will only be considered as a last resort. Our lawyers aim to find an effective solution in a timely manner before the dispute reaches this stage.

A contract is a list of contractual obligations that are legally enforceable. A contract sets out the rights and obligations for each party. A contract can be entered into through various means, including written, verbal and implied. They can also be a combination of two or more types of contracts. Contracts are an important part of business in Australia and entering into business without one would be a risky endeavour.

Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers will employ a number of different alternative dispute resolution strategies to resolve a breach of contract dispute to avoid our clients going to court and reduce the costs involved.


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